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Aug 19

Policing by consent -


In light of the ongoing policing situation in Ferguson, Missouri in the wake of the shooting of an unarmed man by a police officer and how the response to the community protests is highlighting the militarization of US police departments since 9/11, it’s instructive to look at one of the first…

“This supports my hypothesis that creativity is something that happens naturally so long as your brain is not actively suppressing it for some sort of survival advantage. That makes sense because creative thinking usually isn’t helpful in immediately dangerous situations. If we were cave dwellers I would be the one that didn’t see the mastodon stampede heading my way because I was daydreaming and inventing new stone tools in my head. Sometimes you don’t need creative ideas so much as you just need to run.” — Scott Adams Blog: Creativity Hack 08/18/2014

Aug 16


Global Parenting Habits That Haven't Caught On In The U.S. : Parallels : NPR

Aug 13


Aug 05

No More Reservations: Exclusive Restaurants Require Tickets Instead : The Salt : NPR

Jul 28



Jul 27

“If punctuation obscures or distorts the meaning of a sentence in an unintended way, it is wrong, but apart from that, punctuation is about rhythm. An Oxford comma is not a flip switch in an author’s voice, it’s a decision made in the moment to maintain the flow of the idea. Momentum, syncopation, rhythm and pattern make a sentence flow, because writers are trying to transfer the voices in their heads into yours.” — Nobody. Understands. Punctuation.

Jul 26

“Being civil toward distant others or random strangers is typically believed to benefit others—society at large or those who are befriended.

The results of our experiments, however, join a growing body of research suggesting positive consequences of prosociality for oneself.

Whether it is spending money on others versus oneself, behaving equitably rather than selfishly, or expressing gratitude versus disdain, prosociality seems not only to benefit others but also to benefit oneself.

On an increasingly crowded planet, misunderstanding the benefits of social engagement could be increasingly problematic.

” — Why You Should Talk To Strangers — PsyBlog