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Apr 02

So You Think You're Smarter Than A CIA Agent : Parallels : NPR

Mar 31

Flash Boys -


Michael Lewis (The Big Short, Liar’s Poker) is back with another book about the financial markets: Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt. It’s the story of high-frequency trading and the traders who are fighting against it.

Flash Boys is about a small group of Wall Street guys who figure out…

Mar 27

Using the labor of dozens of undergraduate students, scientists have built a customized yeast chromosome from scratch.

It’s a milestone in the rapidly growing field of synthetic biology, where organisms can be tailored for industrial use. In this case, the near-term goal is to understand the genetics of yeast, and eventually the genetics of us.

” — Custom Chromo: First Yeast Chromosome Built From Scratch : Shots - Health News : NPR

Mar 24

“Here’s a depressing thought: Your last name is a pretty good determination of how educated you will be, what class you’ll be in, and when you will die. And chances are, you won’t change that for your children, grandchildren, or any of your offspring.” — Will you get rich? Your last name may tell you |

App Academy is an immersive web development and job placement program in San Francisco and New York City.

You only pay us if you find a job as a developer after the program.

98% of our graduates have offers or are working in tech jobs. In SF, graduates receive an average salary of $100,000; in NY, graduates receive an average salary of $84,000.

” — App Academy Become a software developer

Mar 22

“FREEMAN: Ethnic diversity is an indication of ideas’ diversity. People who are more alike are likely to think more alike and one of the things that gives a kick to science is that you get people with somewhat different views.” — Does Diversity On Research Team Improve Quality Of Science? : NPR



Commuters Ditch Cars For Public Transit In Record Numbers : NPR

Mar 20

“In an interview with All Things Considered, Rosin tells host Robert Siegel that she had long wondered why statistics show that today’s parents both work more and spend more time with their children than previous generations. She says it has to do with the lack of independence people allow their children these days.” — Kids These Days: Growing Up Too Fast Or Never At All? : NPR